Learn Coin : Specifications, Airdrops & Liquidity Mining (WIP)

Learn Coins are an ERC-20 token that is the medium of exchange on the Learn Coin protocol.

The Learn Coins are minted on an L2 Proof of Stake blockchain on top of Ethereum main chain.


Learn Coins will be the currency that enables an ecosystem of building a network of auditable and verifiable multi-sig resumes.

There is merit in holding on to the Learn Coins early, because you will always be able to use the coins in the economy. The value of the coin is not restricted to just trade. The coin will continue to have value even after the minting process comes to an end and the value of the Learn Coin stabilizes in the secondary exchanges.


Please Note : The equations for all the below mentioned mechanisms are still work in progress.


There will be incentives for early users of this platform in the form of airdrops.

This will be distributed to early learners, teachers and community members based on the following rules. Airdrops however continue to remain at the sole discretion of the owner of the Learn Coin Contract.


Learner gets access to an airdrop after completing their first Quest. The airdrop will be determined by

  • Clout score from other social media like Twitter, LinkedIn and BitClout.
    • If a user is credible on other social media, they can import their clout score into Learn Coins.
    • Equation =todo
  • Clout score of teacher of the Course the user was accepted into
    • Equation =todo

Final Equation =todo


Teacher gets the following airdrop upon the first successful issuance of an NFT-L

  • Clout score from other social media like Twitter, LinkedIn and BitClout
  • Number of Learn Coins escrowed in their first course
    • Tentative
  • A score calculated based on the presence on existing teaching platforms
    • This includes : Teachable, Kajabi, Thinkific, Podia, CreatorOS
    • Equation =todo
  • A score of the course they are teaching.
    • Defined by the list [here, todo]

Final Equation =todo

Community Members (Companies)

  • Market cap or valuation
  • Number of hires made in the last 365 days

Final Equation =todo

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity mining is the only way to earn Learn Coins until it is listed on the secondary exchanges.

Each stakeholder has a different liquidity mining mechanism. This mining will happen once a week.

Bonding curve of total number =todo


Factors determining the number of Learn Coins earned by the learner, as part of liquidity mining :

  • Number of NFT-Ls issued to the learner across the courses, this week
  • Amount that was escrowed in the NFT-Ls earned this week
  • Total number of NFT-Ls that have been issued to other learners in the courses where the said learner has been issued an NFT-L

Equation =todo


Factors determining the number of Learn Coins earned by the teacher, as part of liquidity mining :

  • Number of NFT-Ls ever issued across all quests, ever
  • Number of Learn Coins that have been escrowed across all the courses run by this teacher, ever
  • Number of times a learner has staked the NFT-L received in the said teachers course and has gone on to stake it in another course – and successfully recovered it.
  • Number of weeks that have passed since issuing the last NFT-L

Community Member

Community member could be an organization, recruiter etc.

  • Amount escrowed across all the courses
  • Number of NFT-Ls issued in courses where the said community member had put in an escrow
  • Number of NFT-Ls that were issued in this course, that the learners used to stake in other courses – and successfully recovered it

Equation = todo

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