NFT-L : A new standard for resumes

NFT-L is a Non Fungible Token of Learning. This is issued on the Learn Coin protocol. This is a technical specifications. [Click here for a layman description of how NFT-Ls will be used].

Here, we will be laying the specs of an NFT-L. As all things on Learn Coin protocol, this is a rolling specification.

An NFT-L has the following parts to it’s lifecycle

  1. Mint
  2. Issuance
  3. Sign off


Anyone can raise a request to issue an NFT-L to a learner. This can be the teacher of the course, the learner themselves, or any other user.

A minted NFT-L is of any value only if it is issued. Minting an NFT-L is the equivalent of requesting an NFT-L to be issued.

This contains the public key of the Minter and the key of the course


Once the NFT-L has been minted, it has to be issued by the teacher. The teacher must issue the NFT-L if and only if the learner has completed the course to their satisfaction.

The issued NFT-L is now permanent. This can not be transferred or reverted. This NFT-L initially has a score of 0. Score is accrued by sign offs.

This contains the public key and the signature of the issuer

Sign off

The last stage in the life cycle of the NFT-L creation is the sign off.

A sign off can be given by one of the escrow-ers in the course in which this NFT-L was issued. The sign off adds a score to the NFT-L.

If the course had amount E escrowed on it, and the escrow-er contributed to a portion P of it, the score that gets added because of the said escrow-er signing off =P/N

The maximum score that an NFT-L can have is 1.0

When the escrow-er signs off an NFT-L, the escrow they had on the course gets liquidated and credited to the teacher. This means that if the escrow-er signed off at least one NFT-L from the course, the escrow gets liquidated.

The NFT-L consists of the Total accrued score by consequence of all the signoffs it has received

The list of public keys of all accounts that signed off this NFT-L are maintained along with the signature of each.


Below is the code for the contract deployed at (TODO : Contract Address), also referenced by nftl.learncoin.eth

NFT-L extends ERC-721 and EIP-1238

// Contract code coming soon

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