Learn Coin : Specifications, Airdrops & Liquidity Mining (WIP)

Learn Coins are an ERC-20 token that is the medium of exchange on the Learn Coin protocol. The Learn Coins are minted on an L2 Proof of Stake blockchain on top of Ethereum main chain. Philosophy Learn Coins will be the currency that enables an ecosystem of building a network of auditable and verifiable multi-sig […]

Learn Coin Protocol High Level Specification

The Learn Coin protocol enables verifiable and auditable multi-sig resumes. This post will serve as a rolling specification. [Learn more] about this decision. There are two major cryptographic constructs referenced in this spec. NFT-L (Non Fungible Tokens of Learning) – can be thought of as a certificate of mastering a skill. See Deep dive of […]

Introducing the Decentralized Learning Economy

Brought to you by CreatorOS-Questbook. YC-W21. Future of education is online. Not in classrooms. Here we will layout the specifications for the world’s first University DAO. This DAO will define a decentralized learning economy where teachers will be incentivized only for driving learning outcomes. TL;DR – Community funds courses. Learners learn for free. Companies that […]